Monday, December 15, 2008

Some Idea's on Going Green

I have just found two way's to help reduce the amount of waste being sent to the land fill. First is a suggestion for cloth diapers. These are really easy to use, my friend has been using them for years and they will even save you money in the long run. The web site to check them out is . . .

I have become fed up with the ubiquitus plastic bag so I have tried to be better about having reusable shopping bags on hand and using them but then I realized that I was still using way too many plastic bags because of all the produce that is put into plastic bags. So I looked for a solution online and this is what I found. . .

I ordered about 5 large and 5 small and I will tell you all how they work out for me.

Another way that I am reducing waste is by keeping leftover organic matter from fruits and veggie peels and egg shells. We have a compost pile out in the back where I have been piling it all up. There are stainless steel compost bins that you can get for about $50 bucks online but I don't have the money right now so I have a large stainless steel bowl that I am putting the scraps into for now and then I throw it in the compost pile when it gets full.

Another way to avoid waste is by buying raw milk from a farm in glass bottles. You put a deposit down and then rotate bottles every week. Plus raw milk is natures panaca, it tastes far better then store bought and you should definantly not worry about the fat because FAT is actually GOOD for you!! It's sugar that is the destroyer of your waistline, and of course unnatural filtered, bleached, heated and trans-fats. Think about this, farmers feed skim milk to their pigs to fatten them up!! Look for raw milk on this website Another bonus for those who go with grass fed raw milk just 1 cup has almost half of the calcium requirements for your body. So in this case the saying that milk builds strong bones is true. I will post more about milk another time. Until then,

Have a healthy day,

~Strawberry Girl

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ecogrrl said...

glad to see another green grrl out there! on compost bins, where i live our city sells them for about $35 and they are HUGE and have a little window at the bottom where you can get the good stuff at the bottom while the stuff on top is still's awesome!

great blogs by the way...everyone can benefit from gluten free recipes and i can't wait to try your pumpkin bread!!


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