Thursday, April 21, 2011

Alternative Career Path

I've looked into several alternative health care programs, including a career path to become a Naturopathic Doctor, (the "White Coat" ceremony at SCNM made that career course even more inviting...). ;)

I also looked at the Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in Alternative Medicine at Everglades University on pg. 9 of their catalog.

Both courses would have been terrific opportunities, however for me they would take too much time and would have cost too much money to complete and the program at Everglades would have left me wondering "What Next?"

SCNM 4 Years - Approx. $96,800

Earnings Potential $30-$100/yr

Everglades 3 + Years - Approx. $102,900

SO I found that there is something called "Occupational Therapy" with a program nearby it is a 2 Year Program and the earnings potential is about $40,000+ a year. The cost is also low, about $6,902.00 and I could pursue a "Master Herbalist" course through the school of Natural Healing, with some of the other disciplines offered through Naturopathy and the Alternative medicine course and would only cost about $5,180.00.

Therefore I could be an Occupational Therapist and a Master Herbalist for about $12,000.00 and it will take about 2 years for "Occupational Therapy" and "6 Months - 3 Years" for the Master Herbalist course (though it usually takes 1 1/2 years).

Here's all of the information that I have gathered:

Natural Healing Life Course: Everglades University

Herbology and Botany

Nutrition and Aging
Detoxification and Healing
The Herbal Medicine Chest

Everglades University Cost $8575.00 (Excluding Reflexology)
Dr. Christophers $3955.00

Dietary Influences on Disease
Manual Therapies: Massage, Reflexology, and Acupressure
Alternative Approaches to Arthritis, Cancer, and Heart Disease
Stress Reduction and Relaxation
Miasms and Constitutional Treatment
Body Awareness and Physical Movement

Feng Shui

Traditional Chinese Medicine Principles of Accupuncture
Ayurvedic Medicine

Master Herbalist Course
-Complete Master Herbalist On-Line -  $3000.00

Course List:
Level 100 - Family Herbalist
Level 200 - Fundamentals of Natural Healing
Level 300 - Basic Herbal Healing
Level 400 - Nutritional Healing
Level 500 - Specifics in Herbal Healing
Level 600 - Herbal Health for Women
Level 700 - Introduction to Herbal Traditions
Level 800 - Herb Identification
Level 900 - Herb Botany
Level 1000 - Herbal Horticulture
Level 1100 - Herbal Preparations
Level 1200 - Herbal Practice Part 1
Level 1300 - Herbal Practice Part 2
Level 1400 - Herbal Formulary
Level 1500 - Herbal History
Level 1600 - Herbal Therapies
Level 1700 - Anatomy
Level 1800 - Advanced Botany
Level 1900 - Herbal Chemistry
Level 2000 - Herbal Jurisprudence
Level 2100 - Herbal Mastery
Level 2200 - Pharmacognosy

Books that are purchased separately:

How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor text by Dr. Robert Mendhelsohn, MD

Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective? text by Neil Z. Miller

Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman

Back to Eden text by Jethro Kloss

Herb Flashcards

Regional Field Guide (specific to your area)

Botany for Gardeners text by Brian Capon

Growing and Using Herbs Successfully text by Betty Jacobs

Green Pharmacy text by Barbara Griggs

A Modern Herbal: Volumes 1&2 by Mrs. M. Grieve

The Human Body in Health and Disease text by Memmler-Cohen-Wood

Botany in a Day by Thomas J. Elpel

Green Pharmacy text by James Duke

-Complete Master Herbalist through Correspondence - $6190.00

Iridology (Basic) $595.00
Aromatherapy (Basic) $630.00
Homeopathy (Basic) $495.00
Reflexology (Basic) $460.00

Additional Information:
Level 100 (Family Herbalist) and Level 1700 (Anatomy) from the Master Herbalist program are pre-requisites to all of these courses except the Certified Herbal Retailer course. The cost is about $690.00 extra for both.

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Opaque said...

All sounds interesting! Now, listen to your heart! You'll always have my support and love darling!


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