Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bodhi Yoga

One of the healing modalities that I am looking into is Yoga and I am blessed that this studio is just down the street from me.  They offer classes to become an instructor, I am going to do this in the next spring (if finances allow).

During your Five Immersion Sessions, you will learn:

•    To teach a complete repertoire of Yoga Asana Postures

•    A variety of Vinyasa Power Flow Styles and Sequencing

•    The twelve Systems of the Body as related to the body of Yoga

•    Anatomy/Emotions of Yoga Movement

•    Structures of Sanskrit/Ayurveda

•    Teaching students yoga through body awareness

•    Comprehensive approaches to asana Hands-on-adjusting

•    Developing Specialized Classes

•    Skills for leading groups or private sessions with confidence
and authenticity.

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Opaque said...

And do not forget that goofy training voice too! ;)


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