Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Soap Nuts as Replacement for Laundry Soap

Soap Nuts are a wonderful natural product, they can be used for laundry soap or for a household cleanser. I used the liquid in my Bissell Green Clean Machine and cleaned my couches, it worked wonderfully!

For Laundry:

Either add 4-5 Soap Nuts into a cotton bag and throw it into your washer with your laundry or use about 1 tbsp liquid.

Soap Nuts Liquid

5 Deseeded Soap nuts
4 Cups Water

Boil until reduced to about 1 cup water. Then strain the soap nuts and add to some sort of squeezable bottle or to a glass jar. Use about 1 tbsp. per wash load.

You can also use it to replace your liquid dish soap, as a general all purpose cleanser and as a carpet cleaner.

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Opaque said...

This is fascinating!

PS: Out of topic, but I was listening to tapes that teach about learning Italian, and one of the lines is "I have lost my son" - Hmm... I mean, really?!


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