Saturday, September 21, 2013


Delicious! Polynesians naturally eat Paleo

Here's a traditional recipe

Lu Pulu (Literally "Leaves" and "Beef")


• One small can of corned beef (or a cooked 2 lb roast)
• Ten or more spinach, chard, or taro leaves
• One can full fat coconut milk
• Chopped onions
• Aluminum foil


Step 1: cut the foil and spread out in a square shape

Step 2: Arrange the spinach leaves onto the foil. Make sure that there are no gaps

Step 3: Slice the corned beef and lay it on the leaves

Step 4: Put the onions on the meat

Step 5: Spread the thickened cream all over the corned beef.

Step 6: Fold it up by the leaves then fold over the foil, cook in an oven.


Serve with steamed taro, mixed sliced vegetables, salt and a glass of watermelon drink called 'Otai!!

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